Trafford Mencap is governed by a Board of Trustees. Together they bring a wealth of experience from different backgrounds and are responsible for the overall governance and strategic direction of the charity. They ensure that decisions are taken in the best interests of the beneficiaries. All of Trafford Mencap trustees are unpaid and they volunteer their time and expertise for free.

Our Trustees bring a great deal of personal and professional experience which contributes to the development of the organisation. We are always interested in speaking to people who may be able to bring new skills and expertise to the team.

In these difficult financial times, like all charities, we are looking at how we can do things differently to ensure the continuation of our services. We would benefit from greater business insight, new ideas and fresh approaches.


Our Current Trustees


A Trustee’s Story

My name is Diane Crichton and I have served on the Sale and Altrincham Mencap Executive Committee (now Trafford Mencap)  for several years now. My husband Pete and I have three children: Adam (30), Holly (27) and Duncan (23), so not really children! Adam has agenesis of the corpus callosum (the bit that links the two hemispheres of the brain) a congenital condition for which no real explanation is known. It is thought that there is a genetic component, but this has so far still to be discovered. The condition is fascinating and can affect people in a whole range of ways, ranging from barely detectable and only coming to light following brain scans performed following road accidents to profound and complex disabilities.

Adam is at the severe end of the spectrum, possibly owing to the lissencephaly (too few wrinkles on the cortex of the brain) which only became apparent when he had an MRI scan at the age of 14. He is nevertheless a happy chap and lucky enough to live with four other young people at the superbly equipped and wonderfully staffed Cavendish Rd in Urmston.  We are only too aware how fortunate we are to have him so close to us and so well looked after when such places are still much too thin on the ground.

I am about to retire from my career as a teacher of French and German (and recently even a bit of Latin!) at several of Trafford’s Grammar Schools and for the last 21 years at Manchester High School for Girls. My daughter, Holly, is a teacher at Pictor School, which gives quite a nice circularity to the story, since this was Adam’s first school (albeit in its previous incarnation in Sale). Duncan has a degree in Music Technology, but is currently employed in the financial services industry, whilst enjoying quite some success as the drummer of the Jailbirds (check them out on Youtube doing Land of a Thousand Dances – available for weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, birthday parties etc!). They and all their friends are incredibly good with Ads, including him in their activities in a totally natural way.

My aim has always been to enable Adam to join in with all the activities available to his peers, and it was with this in mind that I was involved in the setting up of the first Integrated Playscheme in Trafford. My aim serving on the Exec has always been to make the Rowans accessible to people like Adam, and I am proud to say that the recent refurb has equipped us with amazing facilities enabling Adam and his friends to enjoy the many exciting activities which we are now able to offer. I really hope that we will be able to continue to provide such a quality service and extend it to ever more service users.

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